There are several different types of mesh, all made for specific purposes.  The mesh options for your screens include:

Standard Fibreglass Mesh

Fly Mesh

This is the most common type of mesh.  It is used as standard in our Fly ScreensDiamond Grille Screens and Colonial Cast Screens.  It is made of fibre glass and is very soft and flexible.  It has a tight weave, will not rust, rot or corrode.

Diamond grille Mesh

Diamond Grille Mesh

The Diamond Grille is made of aluminium and is 7mm thick.  It is corrosion resistant.  The grille fits into a channel in the aluminium frame and is pop riveted at regular intervals to secure it in place.  It is normally used with fibre glass fly mesh for a value for money, reliable product.  For more information and pictures go to the Diamond Grille Screens page.



INVISI-GARD uses a 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh that is pre-treated for corrosion resistance and then powder coated black. It is an attractive security solution that allows clear views and will last for years to come.

With a 1.6mm aperture and made of stainless steel, this product rates for bush fires.

Aluminium Mesh

Aluminium Mesh

This mesh is a rigid, stronger mesh.  It can still be cut with a stanley knife but not as easily as fibreglass mesh.

Aluminium mesh is often used in bush fire areas.

Pawproof Mesh

Pawproof Mesh

A stronger, thicker mesh that gives a little.  It is ideal for families with pets or in high traffic areas.

This mesh is not suitable in a bush fire prone area.

Sandfly Mesh

Sandfly Mesh

Sandfly mesh has a smaller aperture to ensure those tiny, pesty bugs stay out too!

This mesh is often used on the islands.

One way vision mesh

One Way Vision Mesh

This is a privacy mesh used in a security window or door frame.   It allows you to see out, but reduces the visibility into your house from the outside.

One way vision mesh is not considered to be a security product.  It is often used in conjunction with the diamond grille, or the colonial cast panel for one way vision on front screen doors.