Are you looking for a cheap aluminium window in the Brisbane area?  Check out these clearance items to see if anything suits your needs.  To learn more about the items listed below, or to secure the item, call us on 3343 7988.

Please note there are no returns or refunds on these items. Clearance items are as is with no warranty provided.

Fixed Window

With safety glass suitable for bathroom!

Colour: Ultra Silver Powdercoat
41mm deep frame
Size: 900mm High x 1000mm Wide
81mm Reveals with flashing
Clear Toughened Glass
Condition: Good / never been used

$120 incl GST (RRP $225 inc GST)

Clearance Item

Outside of fixed window

Clearance Item

Inside of fixed window

Sliding Window

With obscure safety glass and INVISI-GARD!

Configuration: XO, slider on left – outside view
Colour: Black
Size: 590mm High x 1205mm Wide
No Reveals – NO FINS
Satinlite Obscure Toughened Glass – suitable for a bathroom
With INVISI-GARD screen
Condition: Good, just dusty

$200 incl GST (RRP $490 inc GST)

Clearance Item

Outside of sliding window

Clearance Item

Inside of sliding window

Awning Window

Modern look, and a great bargain!

Configuration: XX/XX/OO
Colour: Ultra Silver
Size: 1200mm High x 1800mm Wide
91mm Reveals
Clear Glass
Chainwinders are restricted to 100mm opening
INVISI-GARD screens to cover openings (not shown in picture)
Condition: Used very briefly – screw marks in reveals (holes in head is where screens are fixed)

$250 incl GST (RRP $1735 inc GST)

Clearance Item

Outside of awning window

Clearance Item

Inside of awning window

Clearance Item

Inside of awning window showing fixing marks in the reveals and screw hole in the head (where screens have been fixed – screens included with window)

Louvre Window

Great for a bathroom!

Colour: Clear Anodised Finish
Breezway Easyscreen (131mm frame)
Size: 1505mm H x 959mm W
No Reveals – Fins on
10 blades plus extension blade
Satina Obscure Toughened Glass Blades
Screw holes in galleries
Condition: Brand new – still in packaging

$500 incl GST (RRP $1532 inc GST)


Louvre outerframe still in packaging

For louvre

Satina glass blades to suit louvre window

Sliding Patio Window

With fixed glass bottom

Colour: Pearl White Powdercoat
XO/OO configuration
(Sliding Panel is on the left – outside view)
1500 top / 600mm bottom
81mm Reveals & Flashing
Size including reveals is 2140mm H x 1840mm W
Clear Float Glass
Condition: Very Good – never been used

$180 incl GST (RRP $572 inc GST)

Patio window

Outside view
(Black protective tape on mullions)

2100 x 1800 window

Inside view
(Shows flashing & protective tape)