Are you looking for a cheap aluminium window in the Brisbane area?  Check out these clearance items to see if anything suits your needs.  To learn more about the items listed below, or to secure the item, call us on 3343 7988.

Please note there are no returns or refunds on these items. Clearance items are as is with no warranty provided.

If you need it in a hurry, but can’t find a product that is suitable here, we also carry a range of stock sliding windows and sliding doors.

Sliding windows with screens

Matching Pair – only one left!

Sliding windows
Colour: Surfmist Matt
Size W1: 1175mm high x 570mm wide
Size W2: SOLD
Reveals: No Reveals, FINS ON
Glass: Clear Glass
Screens: Diamond grille screens to suit with colour matched grille
Condition: Brand new, but dusty

$90 incl GST (RRP $242 each inc GST)

Sliding windows for Clearance

Sliding door

With option for diamond grille screen to suit – See below

Sliding door
Colour: Black
Configuration: OX, right panel is slider – outside view
Size: 2400mm high x 1932mm wide
Reveals: No Reveals, NO FINS
Glass: Clear Glass
Screens: No screen included but see below for option for diamond grille screens to suit this door
Condition: New, but it has been to site and tacked into place but removed straight way (there are holes in the jambs where fixings were used).

$500 incl GST (RRP for the door only $990 inc GST)

Sliding door for Clearance
Lock of Clearance door

Custom made diamond grille screen door

To suit door listed above, includes pet door

Sliding Diamond Grille Screen Door
Colour: Black
Configuration: OX, right panel is slider – outside view
Size: to suit door 2400mm high x 1932mm wide (fits opening only)
Grille / Mesh: Black diamond grille with standard fibreglass flymesh
Pet Door: Small Petway door included, opening size 240mm high x 190mm wide
Condition: Brand new, never been used

$170 incl GST (RRP for the screen door only, including pet door $470 inc GST)

Diamond grille screen door
Small Pet Door