Breezway Louvre Blades Heights

There are two blade heights to choose from.  Choosing your blade height is like choosing the colour of your products.  It comes down to personal taste and the look you are trying to achieve.

Blade Heights 152mm & 102mm

152mm (6″) blades are usually incorporated into wider feature windows in residential applications.  This is the most common blade height.  In our area (N2), the width of this blade can be up to 900mm wide.

102mm (4″) blades are commonly used in short windows to get more blades, in bathrooms or in internal windows.  In the right application, the 102mm blades look great.  They can work out to be slightly more costly as there are more blades per window.  In our area (N2), the width of the blade is limited to 750mm wide.

Glass Types

Clear and Tinted Glass Blades

Glass blades allow natural light to come into your room and when tinted, reduces the solar heat gain (heat from the sun).  All glass blades are 6mm thick and have smooth polished edges.  Any glass blades can be toughened which mean they will comply with Australian Standards for safety glass (if safety glass is required).

The range of clear and tinted glass louvre blades are:

Clear Glass Blades

Clear Glass

Makes the most of the view and provides maximum natural sunlight into your room

Low E Clear Glass Blades

Low E Clear Glass

The Low E film on the glass improves the insulating properties while maintaining a clear view

Green Glass Blades

Green Glass

Reduces the solar heat gain which is beneficial in hot climates and gives the view a crisp vibrant look

Grey Glass Blades

Grey Glass

Reduces the glare and the solar heat gain, which are both beneficial in hot climates

Dark Grey Glass Blades

Dark Grey Glass

Best glass option for reducing the solar heat gain and glare, but it blocks most of the natural light

Ever Green Glass Blades

Evergreen Glass

Better solar heat reduction than standard green glass with a darker tint

Obscure Glass Blades

Obscure glass is used for privacy, such as in bathrooms.  The glass is not totally translucent but blurs the view/figure while still allowing in a good amount of light through.

The options for obscure glass in louvre blades are:

Satinlite Glass Blades

Satinlite Glass

Standard obscure glass that allows light into the room and provides a base level of privacy

Satina Glass Blades

Satina Glass

An obscure glass with an acid etch style finish, allowing soft light into your room while maintaining privacy

Grey Satina Glass Blades

Grey Satina Glass

An obscure glass with an acid etch style finish and grey tint, allowing soft light into your room while maintaining privacy

Aluminium Blades

Aluminium blades are 6mm thick with a smooth finish and a seal along the bottom of the inside edge of each blade.  They are used for privacy and total block out of light when they are closed.  For this reason, you probably want another light source / window or door in the room.

The same clip is used for glass blades and aluminium blades therefore they are interchangeable.  You can also have a combination of glass and aluminium if you wish.

Aluminium blades come in the following finishes:

Powder Coated Aluminium Blades

Powder Coated Aluminium Blades

Provides privacy an can be any colour in the Breezway range

Clear Anodised Aluminium Blades

Clear Anodised Aluminium Blades

An aluminium blade with a clear finish for a modern look to suit clear anodised frames

Decowood Aluminium Blades

Decowood Aluminium Glass

An aluminium blade with Western Red Cedar Decowood timber-look finish with the easy maintenance of aluminium

Other things to choose with your louvre windows are:

  • Louvre window colour : note you should pick from the standard window & door colours if you are ordering other products too
  • Frames: do you want to screen your louvre? Maybe your only need the components if you have a timber frame
  • Control methods: handle type can be selected; What if your louvre is up high? Map rod or powerlouvres may be an option
  • Security: view the security options for your louvre windows
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