Window and Door Options
Vent Lock * * For sliding windows only *

A vent lock is a lock that pushes down into the sill of the sliding window (or transom on a patio unit) to allow the sliding sash to be locked in an open position. The vent lock has 3 positions:

  1. Window closed for added security
  2. Window open 50mm
  3. Window open 100mm

The vent lock is ideal for extra ventilation with the added peace of mind that your window is still locked.

Patio Bolt ^ ^ For sliding doors only ^

A patio bolt is an internal lock that attaches to the top of the sliding sash. A rod is pushed up into a hole in the head of the door to give extra security when the door is in the closed position. The patio bolt can also be locked with a key.

The door cannot be opened from the outside when the patio bolt is engaged.

The patio bolt is ideal for those who are security conscious. It can also be used to fix your sliding sash into an open position in a similar fashion to a window vent lock.