XOX configuration sliding window with jamb locks

Sliding windows can be made in many different configurations

Patio unit in a bedroom

Sliding windows or patio units are often found in bedrooms

Sliding window in a bathroom

Use an obscured glass for privacy in the bathroom

XOX/OOO configuration patio unit

Patio units offer a larger window space to let in more light

Patio units or sliding windows

Patio units feature at the front of this house

Use multiple sliding windows to achieve better lighting and ventilation

“Sliding windows have long been a popular choice by homeowners and builders because of their excellent functionality and value for money.”

Features and Benefits

  • Allows one half of the window space to be opened
  • Easy to add both insect and security screens
  • Optional configurations to suit your room layout
  • Add low lites to make your window bigger


The following schematics are outside views: X is the sliding panel, O is the fixed panel.

XO Configuration Sliding Window OX Configuration Sliding Window

XO Sliding Window

Single Slider: Left or right opening
Standard sizes: 600 – 1500mm high; 600 – 2400mm wide

XOX Configuration Sliding Window

XOX Sliding Window

Side Panels: Sliders on the outside open to the centre
Standard Sizes: 600 – 1500mm high; 2100 – 3000mm wide

OXXO Configuration Center Opening Sliding Window

OXXO Sliding Windows

Centre Panels: Slide outwards
Standard Sizes: 600 – 1500mm high; 2100 – 3000mm wide

XO/OO Configuration Patio Unit XOX/OOO Configuration Patio Unit
OXXO/OOOO Configuration Patio Unit

Patio Units

Sliding Windows with low lites: Any configuration slider
All sliding windows can be combined with fixed glass lower panels to enlarge the total glass area.

The height is commonly 1800mm, 2100mm or up to 2400mm.

The lower panels may also have a sliding panel.

Standard Sizes

Here is a PDF of the Standard Sizes for Sliding Windows.