Single bay louvre windows in a bathroom

Let fresh air and light into your bathroom with louvre windows

Louvre windows in a kitchen

Breezway louvres are made to order allowing you the widest choice of customising

Maximum ventilation with louvre windows

Great natural ventilation with Breezway Louvres

Keep your room comfortably cool with louvres positioned for cross flow ventilation

Use louvres in multiple bays for a modern, stylish look

Glass louvres in a kitchen and dining area

Louvres help you create a living space that works with nature

Louvre windows in a bedroom

Mix and match - aluminium blades and glass blades

Tall banks of louvres with aluminium blades

Aluminium blades are great for privacy and blocking out light

Louvre window

Louvre windows keep the weather out with their tight seal

Louvre window

Louvres also help reduce the noise as they use 6mm glass blades

Louvre galleries

Breezway louvre galleries can be installed into your own finished timber frame

A wall of louvre windows in a kitchen

Floor to ceiling louvres maximise natural light, air and space

Louvres are a wise inclusion in every kitchen

Louvre windows set high above

Use powerlouvres or ring pull handles to operate out of reach louvres

“Breezway® Altair® Louvre windows are stylish, versatile, energy efficient and totally customisable.  They offer maximum ventilation for their size.”

Note: Occasionally we may use Dowell outer frames with Breezway galleries.

Features and Benefits

  • Louvre windows look great in any style of home
  • The blades can be angled to control the air flow
  • Louvres offer optimum natural ventilation for the size of the window
  • For the ultimate in natural ventilation, position your louvres for cross flow ventilation
  • Louvres can be left open in gentle rain
  • Breezway Altair Louvres seal tightly to keep the weather out and ensure no cold drafts are let in
  • Louvres are energy efficient as they use the natural ventilation to reduce your heating and cooling costs
  • Louvres can be customised to give you control on how much of the window you want opened in different situations
  • Louvres can be cleaned from the inside of the house
  • When using obscured glass or aluminium blades for privacy, the window can be opened slightly to maintain your privacy


The following schematics are intended to give you an idea of the various different configurations that can be achieved with Altair Louvres by Breezway. This product has many different applications and can be customised to your requirements.

The size restraints below are a guide only.  Please discuss your requirements with our staff and/or refer to the Product Performance Warranty for more information on maximum sizing.

 Single Louvre Window Diagram
Single Window

Single louvre windows open twice as wide as regular windows to make the most of the natural breeze.

Size Restraints: The blades on a single window can only be up to 900mm wide with 152mm blades and 750mm wide with 102mm blades.

 Louvre Windows - Narrow Configuration
Narrow Windows

Tall, narrow windows are great for smaller areas within the home that require natural light and ventilation.

Size Restraints: The minimum width toughened glass blade is 270mm wide.  Louvre windows can achieve heights up to 3000mm high.

 Louvre Windows - Floor to Ceiling configuration
Wall of Louvres

A wall of louvres can maximise ventilation and outside views.

Size Restraints: For standard louvres (not powerlouvres), the maximum height of a louvre bank is 3000mm high. The maximum width of a louvre bank is 4000mm wide.

 Louvre Windows with Fixed Lite Configuration
Fixed Window

Louvres with a fixed lite help frame the view while getting good air flow into the house.

Size Restraints: The maximum square meterage of a fixed lite window is 4m2.

 Louvre Windows above a door configuration
Above Doors

Place short, wide louvres above doors to allow hot, rising air to escape quickly.

Size Restraints: The maximum width per blade is 900mm wide with 152mm blades and 750mm wide with 102mm blades.  Often we can line up the mullions of the louvres to match the mullions of the sliding door for a visually appealing look.

Standard Sizes

For louvre windows, the height is an important factor.  Standard sizes are determined by the number of full blades.  The standard sizes for louvre windows are very different to other styles of windows and are different depending on the frame type and blade size you choose. For non standard heights, an extension blade is used. This is a small, non-operating blade (glass, aluminium or timber) to suit the rest of your blades or an aluminium infill if the blade is less than 40mm.

Non standard height windows attract a 10% surcharge to the cost of the frame.

Blade prices are calculated depending on the width of your louvre, therefore there are no standard widths for louvres.  You just have to conform to the size limitations of the product (generally about 300mm to 900mm wide per bay).

Extension Blade

Non standard height louvre with extension blade


Natural Ventilation

Louvre windows allow ventilation through the whole window area as they open twice as wide as other window types. They offer ventilation no matter which direction the wind is blowing, in comparison to casement or awning windows.

Cross Flow Ventilation

To create cross ventilation, openings are needed on opposite sides of a room to allow fresh air to enter, flow through the room and then exit.

Internal Ventilation

Ventilation openings are often needed in internal walls as well as external walls.

Thermal Chimney Effect

Another good way to naturally cool a room is to place some louvre windows up high. This is effective because rising hot air is able to escape the room through the high up louvres, helping to keep the room cool.


Louvres keep the weather out Windows and doors that seal tightly minimise the amount of air that can leak out of them, helping heating and cooling systems to run more efficiently.  Tight sealing windows avoid cold drafts in Winter and even play a role in sound insulation. Altair Louvre Windows provide tight sealing due to:

  • The living hinge design that resists water and air penetration between the clips and the channels
  • An over centre locking mechanism which applies strong locking pressure to blades when fully closed

Breezway’s Altair louvres have undergone extensive testing in accordance with the Australian Standards for Windows (AS2047) and are cyclone rated to ensure maximum wind and water performance.

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