Diamond grille screens with white frame and black grille on double hung windows

Diamond grille screens, using black grille is less obtrusive to the eye

A diamond grille screen in white on a patio unit

Diamond grille screen on a patio unit

A hinged diamond grille screen door in white

Hinged diamond grille screen door

A sliding diamond grille screen door

Sliding diamond grille screen door

A hinged diamond grille screen door in white

Diamond grille screen doors can be made to have a single lock or triple locks

A sliding window with black diamond grille screen

Sliding servery screen on a sliding window

Diamond Grilles come in an assortment of colours

There are many standard colours for the grilles and the frames

“Barrier screens are a traditional style screen.  They are made from high-quality aluminium diamond grille fixed into a high-strength frame.”

Features & Benefits

• Peace of mind in leaving windows and doors open when you are at home
• Great value for money
• Diamond grille gives the screen strength, fly mesh protects house from bugs


♦  Black grille, even in white frames, looks great.  Black is less obvious to the eye and you tend to see through it more.

♦  You can mix and match your screens.  Often people will put diamond grille screens in bedrooms and at the back of the house, and use INVISI-GARD for the front.  Alternatively, put diamond grille screens where security is an issue but use fly screens on hard to reach windows or where security is not such a concern.

♦  Remember, most security systems will not prevent entry if the intruder is determined enough.  Their primary purpose is to present a barrier substantial enough to deter them from entering your home or premises.  Diamond grille screens are a very visual,  cost effective solution for added security to your home.