Security Options for your Louvres

There are a variety of barrier options for your louvre windows so if you are concerned about security, see the options below for your Breezway Louvres.


Keylock on louvre window

Keylocks come standard on Altair® Louvres in Easyscreen® (131mm) or SL2® (52mm) frame.  The louvre component system may be ordered with or without keylocks.  Framed louvres can be ordered without keylocks.

The keylock is located on the opposite side to the handle.  When the louvres are fully closed and the keylock is engaged, it increases the window’s locking pressure, further improving the air and water tightness.

Security Screens

Louvre window the screen

INVISI-GARD screens can be fitted to the Easyscreen (131mm) frame for a security option that allows you to feel secure to leave your windows open but still allows uninterupted views to the outside.

Read more about INVISI-GARD products.

Security Bars

Louvre window the screen

Security Bars are available to fit the Easyscreen Louvre with 152mm blades.

Security bars do not impede the operation of the louvre window but provide a great barrier for thieves.

The Stronghold® System

Louvre window the screen

Altair® Louvres with the Stronghold® System have been designed to mechanically hold the blades in place.  It improves blade retention and minimises the risk of the blades being dislodged.  It is excellent to use in windows above 4m for safety as it complies with Fall Prevention requirements.

To keep the blades in position, a pin is installed through the clip and glass.  The insertion point is on the inside of the building making it almost impossible to remove it, or the blade from the outside.

The blades must be aluminium or toughened with the Stronghold System.

Now you have looked at your security options, you can also choose:

  • Louvre window colour : note you should pick from the standard window & door colours if you are ordering other products too
  • Frames:  do you want to screen your louvre? Maybe you only need the components as you have a timber frame
  • Blades: blade height is important before working out final height of window; also pick your blade material & colour
  • Control methods: handle type can be selected; What if your louvre is up high? Map rod or powerlouvres may be an option
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