Fixed lites with white frame

Awning windows compliment a fixed lite

Awning-fixed-awning. AOA configuration awning window.

Awning windows with a fixed lite centre

Awning windows in white

Awning windows viewed from the outside

Awning window with a fixed sidelite. AO configuration.

Awning windows compliment a fixed lite window

Multi Transom unit in white. AA/AA/AA/AA configuration awning window.

A multi-transom unit can contain a number of awning windows

“Awning windows have an elegant appearance, while offering style and functionality.”

 Features & Benefits

  • Offer protection from the weather and allow air circulation when partially open
  • Convenience of optional chain winder
  • Fully integrated fly or security screen support with chain-winder option
  • Screens are fitted internally (where chain winder is included)
  • Units can couple to form banks of windows
  • Low lites can be added
  • Can be coupled with other products


Single Awning Window

Single Awning

Size: From 350mm x 350mm up to 1500mm high or wide

AAA configuration. 3 Bay Awning Window.A/A/A Configuration Awning Window Transom unit.

Multiple Awnings

Horizontally: Up to 4 awnings can be coupled together horizontally, up to a width of 3600mm
Vertically: Up to 3 awnings can be coupled together horizontally, up to a width of 1800mm

AA/AA Configuration Awning Window Transom unit.AAA/OOO Configuration Awning Window

More Configurations

All Awnings: Many awnings may be coupled together to make a large window
Awnings with fixed lites: Fixed lites can be added below, above or in between the awnings

The options are endless. Please call us to discuss your requirements.