Installation of Breezway® Louvre Products

The installation method of your louvre windows should be carefully considered before ordering your louvre products.  Installation differs considerably with louvres depending on the frame choice and type of construction you have. It is not always as simple as putting a reveal on and installing like other windows.

The information provided here about the various louvre products and typical installations will hopefully assist you to make the correct choices when ordering your louvre windows.  Please seek advice from your Builder or Installer as to how best to install your products, into your type of construction, before ordering.

Louvre Windows

Easyscreen Frame

The Easyscreen Frame is 131mm deep.  In some situations, standard reveals do not work on this product.

Easyscreen with Brick

If you have brick veneer construction, the standard reveal installation method will work well, with your reveals size typically being 116mm or 138mm.  The amount of reveal showing on the inside of your window will be 26mm and 48mm respectively.

Easyscreen with Weatherboard or Cladding

For a 70mm stud, your reveal size is normally 81mm in standard construction (with no bracing ply).  The fin on an Easyscreen Frame is 90mm from the inside edge of the frame, so your reveal will not be seen on the inside of the window.  Depending on the shape of your architrave, some builders may butt the architrave up to the edge of the window frame.  Breezway has an alternative installation method suggestion not using reveals but fixing directly into the stud through the fin: Weather-Boards on 70mm Studs Building-In Details.

For a 90mm stud, your reveal size is normally 98mm in standard construction (with no bracing ply).  There will only be 8mm of reveal showing and if you fix through the reveal, your fixing will go into your gyprock.  If you want a reveal so you can architrave up to it, there are ways to achieve this.  The simplest way is to have screw holes in the galleries to fix through to the stud.  Some builders prefer to fix back through the stud into the reveal or have the galleries loose to fix behind the galleries if they are competent with Breezway products.  Breezway has an alternative installation method suggestion not using reveals but fixing directly into the stud through the fin: Weather-Boards on 90mm Studs Building-In Details.

Easyscreen Louvre Frame

Fin on Easyscreen Louvre

SL2 Frame

The SL2 frame is 52mm deep.  Louvres with this frame can be treated like any other window for installation.  Note: this frame does not have the capability to put a screen on the window.

The Component System (Galleries & Weatherstrip only)

When ordering Altair Louvre Galleries and Weatherstrip only, for installation into a pre-prepared window frame (i.e. a finished timber frame), see the Altair Installation Videos by Breezway.   These videos give a step-by-step guide for the component system and tailors the video you view by asking if you will be using the following:

  • standard or stronghold clips
  • standard or non standard height galleries, using standard or non standard weatherstrip sets
  • screw fixing or backing strip
  • handle control or powerlouvre

Retrofitting Louvres – Framed and Definned

When renovating a house, often the renovator will replace the window but leave the reveals or timber outerframe in place.  We can order your louvre window definned i.e. have the fins removed that the reveals normally attach to.  The window then slots into the opening, fixed through the jambs and head and sealed well with sealant.  Some tips for this type of renovation:

  • Make sure you allow some clearance.  The same size window does not fit easily back into the timber opening.  Often openings may be out of square and window manufacturers have a 2mm tolerance.
  • If your clearance ends up being a little to big to gap fill it, you can always use some trim angle to cover the gap.  The leg of the angle is returned back down the edge of the window so you have a neat, colour matched strip of angle that blends in nicely.  We normally use and stock 20 x 12mm angle in the standard colours.
  • For the Easyscreen Louvre window, your total wall depth may be smaller than the width of the frame – consider using coverstrips on the outside edges for a neat finish.
  • Make sure you order your louvre windows with screw holes in the galleries or for more competent installers, galleries can be ordered loose to fix behind them.

Screw Holes in Galleries

Breezway will add screw holes in the galleries at no extra charge.  The screw holes are placed in between the clips to avoid the internal mechanisms and are countersunk to ensure the screw doesn’t catch on the louvre blade clip when operating the louvre.  When the louvre blades are closed, the screws are covered by the clips.

Screw holes in the galleries need to be specified at time of ordering if required.

Screw holes in a gallery