Double Hung Windows

House with Double Hung Windows
Double Hung with side lite in bedroom Two Double Hung windows in brick wall Double Hung windows from outside of house
Window Options

“Double Hung windows are a traditional design, offering natural air circulation. They slide up from the bottom and down from the top.”



  • • Adjustable sashes to allow you to control air circulation and set up a natural air flow pattern
  • • Enables you to open one half of the window space
  • • Sashes operate independently of each other
  • • Easy to add both insect and security screens


Diagram of a Single Double Hung
Single Double Hung Window

Standard Sizes: 900 – 2100mm high; 600 – 900mm wide

Diagram of a Double Double Hung Window
Double Double Hung Window

Standard Sizes: 900 – 2100mm high; 1200 – 1800mm wide

Multiple Double Hungs
Multiple Double Hung Window

Double hung window can come up to 4 wide for a wall of window.

Standard Sizes: 900 – 2100mm high; Up to 3000mm wide

Triple double hung with low lites
Triple Double Hung Window with low lites

Add a low lite to make the double hung window taller or to bring the window opening off the ground.

Standard Sizes: Normally 2100mm high


Standard Sizes

View the PDF of the Standard Sizes for Double Hung Windows.