Bi-fold Doors

4 Panel Bi-fold Door
4 Panel Bi-fold Door in White
4 Panel Bi-fold Door 2 Seperate Bi-fold Doors 4 Panel Bi-fold Door 4 Panel Bi-fold Open 4 Panel Bi-fold Door Openning from Inside 3 Panel Bi-fold Door
Door Options

“Bi-folds are fantastic for the entertainer. They offer full opening of the space available.”



  • • Maximise your living space, combining the benefits of indoor/outdoor entertaining
  • • When the bi-fold is opened you have absolute uninterrupted views and airflow
  • • Quality hardware
  • • Top hung design allowing for free operation of panels with minimal maintenance
  • • 100mm frame


There is a multitude of options for the bi-fold door. When considering your configuration, consider:

  • • An odd number of panels is good. This means you can create a personal access door at one end and still have all the panels folding back to one side.
  • • Alternatively, for a six panel bi-fold, you can have the opening in the centre and use the doors like a french door when you don’t want to open the whole opening.
  • • The maximum width of a bi-fold door is around 6m.
  • • The maximum panel width for a 2100mm high door is 850mm and for a 2400mm high door it is 750mm.


5 panel bi-fold opening to the left
Bi-fold Door

This configuration shows a LLLLL five panel bi-fold door, all panels opening to the left.

4 panel bi-fold 4 panel bi-fold centre opening
4 panel bi-fold configurations

Left opening: All panels open to the left. LLLL configuration.

With a personal access panel: One panel opens to the right creating a personal access door. LLLR configuration.

6 panel bi-fold door centre opening
Centre opening Bi-fold Door

This configuration shows a LLLRRR six panel bi-fold door which is centre opening. The centre can be used as a french door.