Fixed Windows

Fixed lite window in white
Fixed Lites provide extra light into the room and can be used as a feature
Fixed Lite in White Fixed Lite in Woodland Grey Fixed Lite in Silver
Window Options

“Fixed windows are used for light and views.  They often compliment other windows or doors where extra ventilation is not required.”



  • • The view!  Fixed windows are fantastic for capturing a crystal clear view.
  • • They provide extra light into a room where extra ventilation is not required.
  • • No screens required – why screen a window that doesn’t need it?  Use a fixed lite there instead.
  • • Small fixed lites can be very effective too.  Consider repeating a few small windows in a row for a great effect.
  • • Use a fixed window in between other windows to break up the look, i.e. awning, fixed, awning.

Types and sizing

We have several types of fixed windows.

SW series – this is a 40mm deep suite that matches the sliding windows.

A series – this is a 40mm series.  The A-series fixed window has a very aesthetically pleasing look.  Internally the product has a flush finish and externally a square bead inside the frame.  It is nice and easy to keep clean.

A series and SW series fixed lites can be coupled to sliding windows, awnings, double hungs, casements.

F series – this is 89mm series.  This product has a similar look and glazing system to the A series.  It is the same width as the sliding door so can be coupled to the door quite easily.  The F series is capable of a much larger single panel, up to a 1800mm by 2100mm or equivalent.

Smaller depth windows (such as double hungs, awnings / casements, or sliding windows) may be set inside the F series frame to:

  • •  match other F series windows in the same room
  • •  assist in coupling to other products (especially doors)
  • •  create a semi-commercial feel to your windows.