Awning Windows

3 awning windows with chainwinders
Awning windows with chainwinders
Small awning windows with chainwinders 3 Awning windows with low lites Awning Windows 2 awning windows Awning window Fixed-Awning Awning window XOX
Window Options


“Awning windows have an elegant appearance, while offering style and functionality.”



  • •    Offer protection from the weather and allow air circulation when partially open
  • •    Convenience of optional chain winder
  • •    Fully intergrated fly or security screen support with chainwinder option
  • •    Screens are fitted internally
  • •    Units can couple to form banks of windows
  • •    Low lites can be added
  • •    Can be coupled with other products


1 lite awning diagram
Single Awning

Size: From 350mm x 350mm up to 1500mm high or wide

Awning window 3 lites wide  3 awnings coupled vertically
Muitiple Awnings

Horizontally: Up to 4 awnings can be coupled together horizontally, up to a width of 3600mm

Vertically: Up to 3 awnings can be coupled together horizontally, up to a width of 1800mm

Awning window 4 lite 2x2 Awnings with low lites
More Configurations

All Awnings: Many awnings may be coupled together to make a large window

Awnings with fixed lites: Fixed lites can be added below, above or in between the awnings

The options are endless.  Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Standard Sizes

View the PDF of the Standard Sizes for Awning Windows.