Glass Types


The thickness and type of glass used in windows and doors are generally determined by design criteria, performance and building codes.

Most standard residential windows are fitted with clear float glass, in thickness ranging from 3-5mm. In some instances, such as in bathrooms, stairwells, or where a large window can be mistaken as a door opening building codes require toughened glass to be used.

Doors are generally fitted with 4 or 5mm clear toughened glass.

Types of Glass

The correct choice of glass can assist you to maximise natural light while minimising heat and glare, or reducing heat loss during winter.  Correct glass also helps to: reduce energy bills, improve security, reduce UV fading of furnishings and reduce noise.

Glass options for your windows and doors include:


The most common type of glass. When broken it shatters into slivers


Grade A safety glass. Heat treated for extra strength. When broken it breaks into small granules.


Grade A safety glass. Float glass separated by a special membrane, giving extra strength. When broken, the membrane holds the glass together.  Laminated glass lowers the UV transmission and reduces noise.


Grey, green, bronze, dark grey, super green.  Toned glass is used to reduce heat transfer and glare.  The glass absorbs the heat then radiates it both ways.


Obscure glass is used for privacy.  Most commonly in bathrooms and toilets.  There are several types of obscure glass you can choose: Satinlite (standard obscure glass), Spotstick, Satina (Opal acid etch), Cathedral are the most popular obsure glass.

Smart Glass

Smart glass has a low E coating on the internal face of the glass.  This glass is used for insulation purposes.  The heat or cold is reflected back.  Smart glass comes in clear, neutral, grey or green. Smart glass can be toughened.

Comfort Plus

Comfort plus is a laminated glass with a low E coating.

Double Glazed

Double glazed windows have 2 pieces of glass separated by an air pocket for superior insulation.  We do not sell double glazed products.  For insulation, consider using Smart Glass or Comfort Plus as an alternative.