Choosing and Ordering Your Products

Selecting your windows and doors

Windows and doors are an integral part of the structure of your home.  They provide light, ventilation and for doors, access to your home.  They greatly influence the comfort of your home by their effect on heating and cooling.  They also add visual appeal.

We urge you to thoroughly research your windows and doors.  Too often we find that people leave it too late and choose their window and doors in haste, only to find later that they could have made a better choice.  Once the house is built it is too late to make changes!

While making your decision on windows and doors, consider the following:


How much ventilation do you require?  Where do you want the window to open?  Centre or side opening; top and bottom opening; hinged or louvre air flow control.

Style of window

What style of window do you like? What shape is your opening? Sometimes the opening size will lend to a particular style of window. For example a tall, skinny opening suits a double hung or louvre window best.


Do you need tinting to reduce glare or heat?


Is noise a factor?  If it is, consider thicker glass or laminated glass.


Do you need safety glass?  Do you need to restrict your openings?


Do you need fly or security screens, now or in the future?


All of our products come with keylocks.  Consider triple locks for screen doors or vent locks for sliding windows.


There is a wide range of powdercoat colours to choose from. What finish would you like?  Fashions come and go.  Perhaps an enduring, neutral colour might be best.  Standard colours are less costly.


How will the windows / doors be fitted?  Are reveals required?

Standard Sizes

If your construction allows, select standard size windows and doors as these are less costly.


Ordering your windows and doors

When ordering your windows and doors, we will ask you a number of questions so that we can fully understand your requirements.  We suggest you consider the following prior to ordering:

Style of window

Sliding, double hung, casement, awning, louvre etc

Direction of opening

When discussing the configuration of the window or door, it is always viewed from the outside.


The size is expressed as height x width in mm.

Note that this is the aluminium frame size.  You need to allow for reveals if you are having them.  Add 40mm to the height and width of windows and 40mm to the width of a door and 20mm to the height of a door (as there is no sill reveal on a door).  You also need to allow clearance when fitting into a timber stud.  This is usually 10mm.

For example, a 1200mm x 1500mm window with reveals will need a stud opening of 1250mm x 1550mm.

Wind rating

You need to check with your council for your wind rating.  Generally, in the Brisbane metro area the window rating is N2.

Type of glass

What type of glass would you like in your windows and doors.  Clear, obscure, tint, toughened?  Safety glass is required in wet areas or stairwells.  Make sure you tell us where the window is going so we can help make sure you comply with the Australian Standards.

Reveals, fins on or off

What size reveals do you require?

If you are fitting your window into a prepared, finished opening, then you can order the window to be definned.  Just be careful if you are ordering this, as fins cannot be put back on once removed.


There are 8 standard colours to choose from.


Do you require screens to suit?

Collect or delivery

Would you like to collect the products from Window Warehouse, or have them delivered to your place?  A delivery fee applies.