Louvre Frames

Frame Options

Our showroom has an extensive display of the options available for Altair® Louvre Windows by Breezway®.  Here is an overview of the 3 frame options for your Altair Louvre Windows.

Easy screen frame showing fly screen

Easyscreen® frame

The Easyscreen frame:

  • ♦  is 131mm deep
  • ♦  is a custom designed aluminium window frame for the Altair Louvre
  • ♦  allows for easy fitting of insect or security screens
  • ♦  can add D bar security or the stronghold system (see Security & Stonghold section for more info)
  • ♦  has a keylock as standard
  • ♦  can have fixed lites alongside, above or below louvres.

Slimline louvre frame

SL2® frame

The SL2 frame:

  • ♦  is 52mm deep
  • ♦  an aluminium window frame custom designed for the Altair Louvres
  • ♦  is a slim profile window frame ideal for narrow frame applications where screening is not required
  • ♦  can add the Stronghold System (see Security & Stonghold section for more info)
  • ♦  has a keylock as standard
  • ♦  can have fixed lites alongside, above or below louvres.

 Louvre Component System

Louvre Component System (Galleries)

You can install the Altair Louvre galleries on their own into your own finished timber frame.  Altair Weatherstrip is available for this option to make the window seal correctly and to comply with the Product Performance Warranty.

The Louvre Component System:

  • ♦  is a cost effective louvre solution
  • ♦  is great when you want a slim look as there is no outerframe
  • ♦  has a mullion strip which enables multiple bays to be constructed
  • ♦  can have screw holes in the jambs where fixing into timber jambs or without where mullions strips are required.