Control Methods

Control Method Choices

As well as choosing a control style, handle positions can be varied to allow windows of different sizes and at different heights to be matched or to allow handles to be moved lower or higher, left or right depending on the individual requirements.

Each handle can operate a maximum of 9 clips including at least one clip directly below the handle.

Standard handle for a louvre window

Standard Handle

Designed to fit the contours of the human hand for easy use.  This is the handle that comes standard with your louvre window.

Low profile handle for a louvre window

Low Profile Handle

The unique shape and styling provides a slim line look while in the closed position.

Ring pull for a louvre window

Ring Pull Handle

For up high, out-of-reach louvre placement and are operated by a map rod.

Locking Bar for louvre window

Locking Bar

Increase the locking pressure and further increase the window’s air tightness.

Power louvre automation

Powerlouvre® Window by Breezway®

Powerlouvres are great for out-of-reach locations or at floor level.  They can be operated by wall switch, remote control or building management systems.