Louvre Blades

Blade Height

There are two blade heights to choose from.  Choosing your blade height is like choosing the colour of your products.  It comes down to personal taste and the look you are trying to achieve.

Grey Glass Louvre Blade

152mm (6″) blades are usually incorporated into wider feature windows in residential applications.  This is the most common blade height.

Grey Glass Louvre Blade

102mm (4″) blades are commonly used in narrow window beside doors, in short windows to get more blade in or in bathrooms.  In the right application, the 102mm blades look great.  They do work out to be slightly more costly as there are more blades per window.


Blade Types

Clear Glass Louvre Blade

Low E Glass Louvre Blade

Satina Louvre Blade

Satinlite Louvre Blade Green Glass Louvre BladeGrey Glass Louvre Blade

Glass Blades allow natural light and when tinted can cut down on the heating effects of sunlight

There are a range of glass louvre blades available including:

  1. Clear glass makes the most of the views
  2. Low E glass improves the insulating properties of the glass
  3. Satina obscure glass has a similar finish to opal acid etched and give superior privacy
  4. Satinlite obscure glass allows a soft diffused light into the room while retaining your privacy
  5. Green glass is used to reduce solar heat gain and gives the view a crisp vibrant look
  6. Grey glass is also used to reduce solar heat gain and is good to reduce the glare

All glass blades are 6mm thick and have smooth polished edges.

 Aluminium Blade Powdercoated for louvre windowsAlumimium blades Decowood finishAlumimium blades Clear Anodised

Aluminium Blades look modern and provide privacy with ventilation

Aluminium blades come in the following finishes:

  1. Powdercoated to your choice of colour
  2. Decowood finish for a timber look with the easy maintenance of aluminium
  3. Clear anosided for a modern look to suit clear anodised frames

Aluminium blades are 6mm thick and have a smooth finish and a seal along the bottom of the inside edge of each blade.

 Image of a timber louvre blade

Timber Blades provide privacy and energy savings by reducing the amount of heat that can pass through the window.

Timber blades are made of Western Red Cedar.  They are 14mm thick to be used with a 14mm clip only. A rubber seal runs along the bottom of the inside edge of each blade.  These blades usually come unfinished so you are able to coat them to suit your application.